Marvel’s Phase 4 is upon us, but that doesn’t mean fans will easily forget the iconic characters that commanded the MCU’s first decade. Much to our sorrow, Robert Downey Jr. has said he’s done playing Iron Man, but we may see other familiar faces (like Chris Evans?) pop up down the line. In the meantime, Marvel has started to explore other supporting characters and will begin introducing new characters through their upcoming Disney+ series and movies.

In a recent interview with ACE Universe, Chris Evans and his brother Scott discussed their childhood, their quarantine experience and, of course, Marvel. Fans submitted questions, and naturally, they had some Marvel queries. @kayleigh_kiwikrisp asked Chris: “If you could switch roles with anyone else in the Marvel Universe, who would it be and why?” The short answer? “I mean, I’ll say Downey, Iron Man,” Chris laughed, adding that “the paychecks would be nice” and it’s just a fun part. Iron Man is “the engine, he’s the life,” Chris said.

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. on a blue and red carpet for a movie premiere in Europe

But don’t get your hopes up! Even Chris knows there’s a 0.1% chance of role switching ever happening. Why? Well, he went on to say:

“But I suppose that’s kind of signing up for failure. I don’t think there’s anything anyone on this planet could do that would somehow improve upon what Downey’s done – you know what I mean? I don’t consider that a role that’s gonna be like a James Bond or a Superman or Batman, that somehow other people get a bite at the apple. He’s Iron Man – the end.”

It’s the “He’s Iron Man – the end” that did it for us. So true, but we don’t blame Evans for dreaming. So many people – and stars! – would love to play Iron Man. But we can’t imagine another actor outperforming RDJ, and no one can take Evans’ place as Cap either.