The Soul Stone Changes Ownership In New ‘Infinity Countdown’ Comicbook

Infinity Countdown #4 gives us the impression that it’s too late for Ultron to be stopped as we watch hundreds, if not thousands, of Ultron’s rockets attempting to leave the planet Saiph’s atmosphere. But that’s when the impossible happens.




The Silver Surfer returns and is certainly not empty-handed by any means. Galactus the Lifebringer manifests before Ultron, who just about needs a new pair of undies when he realizes that this world-eating threat is the real deal. Galactus then sheds his Lifebringer exterior and returns to his former glory as the Devourer of Worlds before consuming the planet Saiph, and with it all of the vessels carrying Ultron’s master plan.




Ultron attempts to flee from the scene with his hide intact and in the process, loses his grip on the Soul Stone. The Silver Surfer is able to scoop it up just in time, as Ultron hightails it through space holding on to a piece of the planet that Galactus forgot to chew.




Surfer then returns the Soul Stone to Adam Warlock who is obviously relieved that Ultron’s crazy self is no longer in possession of such a powerful tool. But it’s safe to say this isn’t the last we’ve seen of him . . .


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