Fans think of everything, don’t they? We’re talking Iron Man suits crafted out of cardboard to handmade Infinity Gauntlets and beyond. So, with all the creative, innovative Marvel enthusiasts out there – and with the popularity of 3D printing on the rise – it was only a matter of time until someone produced Doctor Strange’s Eye of Agamotto, complete with a green Time Stone, which was also 3D printed!

A creator who goes by the name granpappy3 on Imgur uploaded several photos and video detailing his process in constructing his Eye of Agamotto. Check out the finished product above, and click through the slide show to see the impressive 3D-printed prop come to life!  

In the MCU movies, the Eye of Agamotto is famously portrayed as the container for one of the six Infinity Stones (the Time Stone), but that version of the eye is very different from its comicbook counterpart. The Eye of Agamotto was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko, first appearing in 1963’s Strange Tales #115. Here, the eye is a stand-alone magical artifact with a long and storied history all its own. According to the comics, the eye originally belonged to a mystical being named Agamotto, who was a former Sorcerer Supreme and one of the three Vishanti who power Doctor Strange’s spells.

The Eye of Agamotto is an amulet which, once opened, reveals an actual eyeball in its center. The eye is described as a weapon of wisdom, allowing its wearer to see through all disguises, illusions, and spells, as well as view past events and track any being in any form across the multiverse. The eye also has the power to weaken any mystical beings and practitioners of the dark arts that it gazes upon. The Eye of Agamotto is one of Doctor Strange’s two iconic magical artifacts – the other being the cloak of levitation.

Now, this fan-created Eye of Agamotto is remarkable, but how incredible would it be if it actually did everything we just mentioned?!