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Sideshow Collectibles Releases Original Concept Art Prints To Celebrate The MCU’s 10-Year Mark

The first print features Tony Stark in his newly-painted suit, flying through the skies in pursuance by fighter jets. Later in this scene, Stark revealed to Rhodey that he was Iron Man, right after saving a pilot’s life, in mid-air.




Granov had this to say about the art:

“The flying Iron Man Mk III image came about from a conversation Jon [Favreau] and I had after he saw a comic cover I did of Iron Man flying with military jets. He thought something like that would make for a cool scene. There was no script at the time, so I just painted a nice shot of Iron Man, and then the whole sequence in the film was written around that. This was printed as a poster to promote the movie at the 2007 San Diego Comic Con. I did a signing of it with Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. and there is a photo floating around of the three of us plus Stan Winston from that con. A great memory.”


The next print shows Tony fighting his mentor-turned-enemy Obediah Stayne, later known as Iron Monger. This was another scene that changed the course of the MCU forever, so it naturally had to be included in the commemorative celebration.




Granov had this to say about the scene:

“The Iron Man vs Iron Monger piece was probably the most important because it set the tone for the entire production. Before I did that piece, Jon Favreau mainly used the comic I illustrated (Iron Man Extremis) as a style guide, but when he saw that painting, it became the image he really centered on. He had a big poster made out of it with “Plausibility” written below it and put it above the door of his office at the old Marvel Studios premises in Beverly Hills. The Iron Man design in it isn’t the finished one, but it was the first time the finalized Iron Monger was painted in a scene. This image was also used as the cover for the Art of Iron Man book.”


There are no concrete release dates set for the prints yet, but they are sure to sell out fast, so any Iron Man fans out there, don’t wait too long!


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