‘Saturday Night Live’s’ ‘Black Panther’ Parody Shows Off ‘Deleted Scene’

Chris Redd plays T’Challa, wandering through the mystic spiritual home of his ancestors. Brown plays N’Jobu in Black Panther, father of antagonist Erik Killmonger and uncle to T’Challa. However, the actor now plays a different character for this SNL spoof, T’Challa’s great-great-grandfather named T’Kanna.



All was peaceful and atmospheric as the King of Wakanda was being introduced to his ancestors, finally coming to his uncle M’Botu, who clearly isn’t a native of the African homeland and married into royalty. Played by Kenan Thompson, he stands by his grill, cooking burgers and talking of how he ended up on the Ancestral Plane. M’Botu was alive not too long ago until he asked his Dora Milaje wife to wear a wig.


Check out the SNL skit below:



Thompson’s M’Botu was funny enough to make Sterling K. Brown’s T’Kanna crack a smile and break character for a brief moment, sending the audience into fits of laughter. Each of the ancestors of T’Challa has a spirit animal, with most of them becoming panthers. M’Botu tells his nephew that as soon as he leaves, his uncle becomes a warthog and the others chase him around in an attempt to eat him. The Black Panther movie is out now, and skyrocketing through the international box office.


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