Today is Mother’s Day here in America, which means now is the time to celebrate the power of moms! Superpowered or otherwise, Marvel Comics has perfected the term “super-mom” over the years thanks to some of the ladies we feature in this list. It’s not easy being a mom in the regular world, let alone in a universe filled with time travel, supervillains, and monsters to fight, but someone’s gotta do it! So, for those reading who are either a super-mom by way of superpowers or just by way of the powers that always come with motherhood, Happy Mother’s Day to you!

Mrs. Fantastic/Susan Storm Richards

Sue Storm with her husband and child in the pages of Marvel Comics

Although Sue Storm doesn’t become a mother in the movies, in the comicbooks she’s actually the first Marvel superhero to become a mom. In 1963, Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic gave birth to their son Franklin, who goes on to become a very powerful psychic mutant in his own right. Eventually, she also gives birth to a daughter Valeria, which makes the two children of Mr. and Mrs. Fantastic a brother/sister superhero duo just like the Human Torch and the Invisible Woman before them!

Aunt May

The many faces of Aunt May in various Spider-Man movies: Sally Field, Rosemary Harris, Marisa Tomei and animated versions of the characters

Even though she is technically Spider-Man’s aunt, she’s taken on the necessary role of mother in his life. After Peter Parker’s parents died, his Aunt May and Uncle Ben became his support system and have been ever since their first comicbook appearance in 1962. Between Parker’s teenage antics and Spider-Man’s self-sacrificing desire to keep the city safe, Aunt May is one of the strongest “moms” Marvel has to offer, and she doesn’t even have any real superpowers.

Janet Van Dyne

Janet Van Dyne flying in the pages of Marvel Comics

Janet is another one of the first supermoms in the MCU and has always been an integral part of the Ant-Man comics. She takes her role as a mother to Hope Van Dyne very seriously, as we can see in her onscreen portrayal in the Ant-Man movies. Her career as a superhero is what motivated her daughter to go down the same path of righteousness and self-sacrifice (and winged suits). Talk about securing a legacy!


Rene Russo looking serious playing Frigga in the Thor movies

This “Asgardian All-Mother” is the biological mother of Thor and the adoptive mother of Loki. As queen of Asgard, she set an example of how to rule over a kingdom of immortal beings in a much less strident way than her husband, Odin. Frigga also taught both her sons about the importance of strength tempered with compassion, and even taught Loki a few magical tricks, knowing his aptitude for mischief.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch and Vision hugging their twins in the pages of Marvel Comics

This particular path was unexplored in Wanda Maximoff’s MCU portrayal, but in the comics, the romance between Wanda and the Vision was not the tragedy that unfolded in Infinity War. In 1986, Vision and Wanda defied the odds and had a set of twins thanks to a combination of their love and Wanda’s magical probability altering abilities. The twins, Tommy and Billy, eventually went on to become young Avengers nicknamed Wiccan and Speed.