One Attentive Fan Reveals Several Secret Plot Clues In The SDCC ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Poster

Some of the most obvious takeaways from the poster is the fact that Thor has two eyes and the picture of what looks like something (or someone) turning to dust. The poster also released before Thor: Ragnarok had come to theaters, so again, we couldn’t have known that Thor’s eye count would go up and down in the time of the Infinity War, but still this was clearly a plot point revealed. The rest of the Easter eggs spotted by Aliyaghi are shown on the poster.


While some may be a bit more obscure than others, we know better than to doubt the detailed minds of the Russo Brothers, Kevin Feige, and the team at Marvel Studios


Check out the poster below, along with all the Easter eggs pointed out:


[SPOILERS] Who’d have thought that you can see the whole plot in the very first official Infinity War poster! from marvelstudios


In an honorable mention of adversely inaccurate things on the poster, in the upper right corner, we see Hawkeye and the Hulk next to Bucky and War Machine. While the Hulk is technically in the movie for a small portion, his part wasn’t as pivotal as we would have hoped from an immortal green giant. Bruce Banner, on the other hand, got some well-deserved screen time, but it’s a shame the poster didn’t reveal that.




Hawkeye, on the other hand, is only mentioned once in the film, with no appearance at all. While his appearance with the heroes was likely done in order to not give away his absence at such an early point, it’s the only thing that stands out as specifically inaccurate on the poster. Most of the posters after this one, however, exclude our resident archer, Clint Barton, so his absence was later on presumed. Fans made some Photoshopped posters featuring the Avenger, at least.




Avengers: Infinity War is out in theaters now. It’s only a matter of time until we start getting glimpses into what we can expect from Avengers 4. Looks like we will have to carefully examine each piece of promotional media that comes out if the number of giveaways on the SDCC poster is any indication! And hopefully, we will get some Hawkeye and Hulk action in this next one, earning their spot on the poster once and for all!


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