Marvel Studios Created A 10th Anniversary Celebration Website And New Posters


First is, of course, the first two Avengers. Tony Stark started it all, and nothing has brought the team together quite like the unfettering righteousness of Steve Rogers. Over the course of six-plus films each, along with the changing arsenal each is equipped with, both characters have truly proven to be more than a suit or shield.



Next up is Thor and the Hulk, the “friends from work.” Although each character has had their share of problems attributed to their attitudes, with Thor losing his hammer in his first film, and the Hulk, well… destroying everything on a semi-regular basis, both Avengers have truly come into their own. Over the course of their timelines, both have emerged as incredibly powerful assets for the side of good.



Black Widow has proven that you don’t need to be super-powered, suited up, or a man, to cause some serious damage to the bad guys. As the first female Avenger, Natasha Romanoff consistently surprises with her new abilities and cleverness. Black Panther may be a newer addition to the team, but in his short time in the MCU has already proven to be a fierce ally and a huge fan favorite. Let’s hope this is just the beginning for King T’Challa!


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