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Marvel Studios’ Artist Explains Why The ‘Coolest’ Designs Aren’t Always Picked For Films

Park went through the creative process at Marvel, discussing his work on Thor: Ragnarok as well as Ant-Man and the Wasp. His schedule is so intense that he would “touch five films in a day.“ He admitted that, in the end, the final design for a character’s costume and overall look must be in service to the final product:




Park explained, “It gets so hard because there are so many films [laughs]. It is hard to say because it’s very subjective. Of course, as an artist, you get attached to your own designs. At the end of the day… for example, I did a whole bunch of designs for Yellowjacket that I was quite proud of, but at the end of the day I feel like they picked the right one – the one that Jackson Sze did was amazing and I don’t disagree with them. The people at Marvel, and the directors that we get – they all have great eyes, and there’s a reason why things get approved, you know? It’s not always “What is the best design” – so often it is “What is the best design?” – but it’s thinking what’s the best design for the story we’re trying to tell, and particularly for the sensibility of the particular director, you know? My job is so subjective. You to hold your own designs loosely. It’s to serve a bigger purpose than just, ‘What is the coolest thing?’”




Park had also become heavily involved in the design of Thor in Ragnarok, partnering up with director Taika Waititi, who liked the rugged and road worn look that was pitched.


Park, when asked about the final look of Thor in Ragnarok said, “a cleaner or newer version, more Asgardian, but after Chris Hemsworth was wearing the road worn look, eventually people were like, ‘I like this road worn look, maybe he could just kinda keep that look throughout the film.’“


After a while of contemplation, Waititi made a decision, telling Park: “let’s chop off his hair.“ One can only imagine the intensity of the job, particularly in its earlier stages. However, everything is worth it to see the finished design make it to the big screen.


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