Marvel’s Executive Editor Offers Consolation As Fans Mourn Cancellations

Despite the positive spin from one of Marvel’s more vocal executives, Bleeding Cool notes that ending 2017 with a string of cancelled high profile titles that mainly featured female protagonists and people of color “is not a great look” for a company that earlier in the year blamed a sales slump on the growing ethnic and gender diversity of its characters.


In the same Bleeding Cool post, blogger Joe Glass does offer one positive sentiment in regard to what he previously called a “bloodbath”:

“Personally, I hope Marvel will replace these titles with equally diverse and representative titles and creators, and push even further perhaps. I hope…”


He also states:

“…after all, Marvel is still putting out titles such as Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur —diverse, representative titles for audiences sorely under-represented in the medium.”


Despite Brevoort’s personal tweet, Marvel has yet to officially comment on any of its March Solicitations as of the writing of this post.

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