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‘Logan’ Director James Mangold Quotes ‘Star Wars’ To Warn Fans Against Attacking Filmmakers

It’s not only the directors that feel the pressure and anger from fans. Kelly Marie Tran, the actress who played Rose in The Last Jedi, had to go as far as deleting her Instagram page after so-called fans harassed her for months over the character. All she was doing was her job, and whether or not you liked the character, she was wonderful in the role. The aggression online has reached a fever-pitch, and for some reason, some people feel it’s okay to spew hatred from behind a computer screen.




Mangold also tried to explain why it gets so heated while offering a suggestion on how to deal with the disappointments:

“The fervor of some attacks has an evangelical ferocity. Now, I get it cause for many folk, including me, the SW saga holds tremendous spiritual power, similar to a religious text. But we must remember to try to handle our disappointments the way Yoda might, as opposed to Darth.”




He also defended his fellow directors after a Twitter user responded to him and said that corporate entities have already taken over:

“If you feel that is the case, if u feel the film makers are just corporate tools and powerless, then why b***h at us? In the case of @rianjohnson and @chrismcquarrie, i assure you these cats are not ‘owned’. They actually fight your battles behind the scenes.”




Mangold knows a thing or two about taking on a popular franchise, and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind at all. Something tells us he’s not going to be worried about any blowback from his upcoming work, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t always try to do right as fans. We must be better!


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