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Donald Glover Is Adding Writer And Executive Producer Of Animated Series To Resume w/ ‘Deadpool’

What is pressure? It seems like Mr. Glover doesn’t know of such a thing, and he’s in the creative space to do so many different things. Season two of Atlanta, titles “Robbin’ Season,” is premiering on March 1st, Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25th, and he’s currently working on new music as Childish Gambino.




With all of this going on, his Deadpool animated series is the least of his worries.


“That one, it just seems really easy,” Glover told PopCulture.tv. “There’s not as much to hold sacred, in a weird way. I know people love Deadpool and I know people are big comic book geeks, but it’s not the same as Lando or Atlanta, where you have a whole city on your back. Deadpool is very aware of himself, so, I don’t have to live up to anything. So it’s been actually, quite easy.”


Perspective is key, and he seems to have it figured out. Deadpool fans are going to be excited about this, so there is a level of expectation that will be there. One thing we can say is if this is anything like the rest of his work, we’ll all be very happy with it.




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