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Nine Of The Most Powerful Weapons In The Marvel Cinematic Universe!

The Eternal Flame



It’s no coincidence that Asgardian weapons keep showing up on this list. As the protector of the Nine Realms, Odin & Co. make sure to keep a cache of weaponry. The Eternal Flame is powerful enough to not only give Hela her army of undead soldiers, but once it was in the possession of Surtur, his Twilight Sword and the Eternal Flame allowed him to ensure Ragnarok and destroy Asgard and Hela in the process.





Once again, a weapon wielded by an Asgardian, the all-black Necroswords are the weapons the Goddess of Death can conjure at will. With these weapons, she was able to defeat the Valkyrie and would’ve bested “The Revengers” if it weren’t for Loki dropping Surtur’s crown in the eternal flame.


Midnight Oil



Created by Howard Stark and shown in Agent Carter, Midnight Oil was used during World War II. Anyone who was exposed to the chemical agent was sent into a rage, attacking everything in sight. After seeing its effects, Tony’s father had it all destroyed.


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