Lucasfilm and Disney continue to build anticipation for The Mandalorian series, which begins streaming November 12 on Disney+, with the latest trailer and character posters. Check out the final trailer below:

Just goes to show how everything is much cooler when it’s narrated by a good actor with an exotic German accent (actor/director Werner Herzog as one of the show’s to-be-announced villains).

What else does the trailer reveal? That this series will definitely be Star Wars.

First, there’s the gritty, rundown look of most of the places The Mandalorian travels. We get the fringe planet feel of Tatooine and other outer planets of the Star Wars galaxy. It’s a rough galaxy, a lived-in galaxy, where aliens and run-down ‘droids and technology abound.

We also see from the very beginning that the Empire seems to have had its day, as The Mandalorian walks by dusty and spiked-through stormtrooper helmets, and later we see a rather worn-looking group of troopers. In classic Star Wars tradition, these troopers miss the hero with their blaster bolts while our hero mows them down easily.

There are creatures, plenty of them: from diverse, nameless races gathered in run-down buildings and ports to exotic creatures for riding on harsh, wilderness planets of forest, dirt and sand. There are even a group of Trandoshans that the Mandalorian tussles with, a race that first appeared in The Empire Strikes Back, then represented by the character of Bossk the bounty hunter.

We also see that carbon-freezing, à la Han Solo in that same movie, is still an ideal way for bounty hunters to secure and deliver captured bounties. All this, plus space battles, speeders shooting across dusty landscapes, and fighting fierce beasts. Yep, everything a Star Wars fan would love to see, barring any light saber wielding Jedi, which are not to be found in the clips of either trailer thus far released.

Also, a series of character posters recently unveiled reveal some of the main and recurring characters from the series:

Of course, the first poster features The Mandalorian himself, played by Pedro Pascal, whom many have previously seen in Season 4 of Game of Thrones and has recently been cast as Maxwell Lord in the upcoming Wonder Woman 1984 film. The second is Cara Dune, played by actor Gina Carano, who played Angel Dust in Deadpool. And as Greef Carga, that’s Carl Weathers. Yes, we’ve all seen him before as Apollo Creed in the famous Rocky movie, and he’s had countless film and television credits since. Finally, we get two actors whose voices will characterize the robot IG-11 and a yet-to-be-named alien. Taika Waititi, director of Thor: Ragnarok, provides his voice for the ‘droid, and veteran actor Nick Nolte will be the voice of—er, whoever the mysterious alien is supposed to be. Will he be an enemy or ally of the Mandalorian? We’ll have to find out when the series starts streaming on November 12.

Until then we can hope that Lucasfilm delivers on the goods that these trailers and posters have promised for The Mandalorian. In the meantime, click HERE to read more about The Mandalorian.