San Diego Comic Con kicks off today!

Stan Lee’s association with the convention basically stretches across its entire 50+ year history, as this 1975 promo proves.

A black and white drawing of Stan Lee sitting down with a message to San Diego Con 1975 from the Marvel Bullpen

More recently, fans could catch a glimpse of Stan at SDCC each year from 1995 to 2017, save for 2001.

Over the last few years on this blog, we’ve shared memories of experiencing the convention with Stan and behind-the-scenes stories. We’ve also covered Stan-related projects and panels. Heck, in 2019, we even took the Little Stan Lee Plush around to snap photos with fans! (For those wondering, the Little Stan Plush should be back at SDCC 2022.)

This year, to celebrate SDCC and Stan’s long history with the convention, we compiled some of our favorite photos of Stan at the con. Please enjoy as we take a trip down memory lane!

Stan at Work

Stan Lee smiling while riding down an escalator at San Diego Comic Con with something filming him from below

We snapped this photo in 2007 when Stan was shooting Who Wants to be a Superhero? for the Sci-Fi channel. We simply love his expression here. In 2019, we also got to recreate this photo – sort of – with the Little Stan Lee Plush!

Listen! Stan’s Speaking

Stan Lee standing at a lectern and smiling during a panel at San Diego Comic Con

Obviously, Stan attended a ton of panels over the years. Whether he appeared in Hall H or smaller rooms, Stan enjoyed being on panels and talking with peers and fans. This picture captures Stan at the podium in 2007, and we are 100% sure he was captivating the audience.

Stan + Celebrities

Stan also ran into a huge amount of TV and movie stars at San Diego Comic Con. From the back halls of the convention center to the rooftop of the building to the IMDb boat in the harbor, Stan was always happy to snap a picture with a fellow celebrity, many of whom were big fans of his!  

Stan Lee standing in the middle with his arms around the shoulders of Sam Raimi and Robert Downey Jr. at San Diego Comic Con
Stan Lee with his hands on his hips talking to Nicolas Cage on the roof of the convention center at San Diego Comic Con
Stan Lee talking to Kevin Smith on the IMDb boat at San Diego Comic Con
Stan Lee standing with his arm around Chris Evans backstage at San Diego Comic Con

Speaking of celebrities, below we present another angle of the epic 2015 SDCC selfie with Stan and part of the casts of Wolverine, Deadpool, X-Men: Apocalypse, and Fantastic Four.

Stan Lee standing in a crowd of celebrities taking a giant selfie at San Diego Comic Con

Stan Having Fun!

Stan Lee sitting and smiling on Odins throne at San Diego Comic Con

Stan posing on Odin’s throne – of course this is a Kodak moment.

Stan Lee poses on a luggage cart with a poster for Blood Red Dragon at San Diego Comic Con

Stan traveled in cars, planes, golf carts, and his own two feet to conventions around the world. But this counts as the first – and probably only time – he jumped on a luggage cart! (He didn’t go very far on it, don’t worry.)

Stan Lee standing, looking excited, in a room at San Diego Comic Con

We included this picture solely because of Stan’s stance and expression. While we know we shot this in 2011, we don’t recall the occasion. He obviously was excited to see someone or hear some news!

Stan Meets Cosplayers

Stan Lee poses as a zombie with a group of The Walking Dead cosplayers in the hall at San Diego Comic Con

Stan always tried to pose with fans when they asked. And as this 2010 picture with The Walking Dead cosplayers illustrates, he wasn’t afraid to get into character, too!

Stan Enjoying Some Downtime

Stan Lee sits on a yellow cart backstage at San Diego Comic Con

Stan liked to pack his schedule at SDCC, which meant he was continuously busy. But downtime was a must, whether that occurred in a hotel, lobby, green room, or in the back hallways of the convention center on a random cart.

Stan Lee sits in a beige chair in a hotel lobby, looking off into the distance

We snapped this photo of a relaxed Stan in the Marriott lobby, a not-so-secret place he liked to hold court in the mornings or evenings.

Thank you for taking a trip down memory lane with us and celebrating Stan at SDCC! For those of you attending San Diego Comic Con this year, stay safe and have a blast!