In just a few days, we will finally get to see Captain Marvel on the big screen. As the character has been alive and well in Marvel comics since the original Captain Marvel’s introduction in 1968, the biggest challenge for the filmmakers must have been deciding what aspects of her comicbook counterpart would be translated to the movie. Fans have only been treated to a few trailers in which Carol Danvers displayed some of her powers, leaving us to guess from the brief footage provided us. Below are a few abilities that have been confirmed as appearing in the film.

Time Travel

Brie Larson lit up as Captain Marvel

Although the trailer hasn’t shown Danvers using this power, Samuel L. Jackson confirmed that she can indeed time travel, which seems like a very viable option for how Danvers inevitably makes her appearance in Avengers: Endgame. This ability will also come in handy when up against the Time Stone on Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet.


Brie Larson about to throw a punch in Captain Marvel

The exact boundaries of this power are yet to be determined, but the trailer makes it clear that Danvers’ strength is far greater than your average human. That would be the Kree part of her, which is the source of her super strength and durability. In Captain Marvel, this will likely be one of the first powers we see put to the test. Where does she rank in strength and resilience against other characters like Thor or Thanos? We will (hopefully) find out soon enough.


Captain Marvel taking flight

The concept of flight is one that has always been intertwined with the character of Captain Marvel. After all, Danvers is a pilot when she’s on Earth. The TV spot and trailer show her flying with and without the help of airplanes thanks to her Kree lineage and training from Mar-Vell. In the comics it is sometimes referred to as “energy manipulation” powers which allow her to fly, so the exact justification remains to be seen. What’s an intergalactic superhero without flying abilities?

Photon Blasts

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel blasting photons

Whether you call them photon blasts, force field blasts, or anything else, it’s clear that Danvers has got ’em. In one of the TV spots, we see Danvers showing off this particular ability to Nick Fury, so there’s no doubt it will be a formidable weapon when it comes time for her to fight the Skrulls.

Slow Aging

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel wearing clear glasses and a helmet

This power doesn’t exactly serve as a weapon but given that Captain Marvel takes place more than 20 years ago and Brie Larson is not confirmed to have any aging or de-aging makeup used on her, it is presumed that she will remain the same age in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. From what we know about the film from the trailer, we will also see a little bit of her origin story from childhood, which will give us a better gauge of the extent of her ageless-ness. Youthful-looking older heroes are nothing new in the MCU, with Captain America and Thor. We wonder where Danvers fits into the birthday calendar compared to these other Avengers once the film is released!

We will see soon enough what other abilities Captain Marvel possesses when the film comes out this Friday.