We are finally here: it’s the Captain Marvel film release week! Before the newest MCU movie hits theaters, however, cast, crew, friends and family all came together in a grand spectacle for Captain Marvel’s Los Angeles premiere on Monday, March 4th!

Part of Hollywood Boulevard was closed for the occasion to create the massive red carpet, complete with a fighter jet replica that Carol Danvers flies in the film. Speaking of jets, as the premiere began, a fleet of Thunderbirds flew overhead in true US Air Force fashion.

A fleet of Thunderbirds flies overhead the Captain Marvel premiere in Hollywood

The colors of the iconic suit that Captain Marvel wears dictated the theme for the evening, with royal blue walls accenting the red carpet. This was enhanced tenfold by the many fans who dressed and cosplayed in their own versions of the red, gold, and blue ensemble. In addition, several fans showed up outfitted as Skrulls, and there were even a few Agent Coulsons and Nick Furys.

Many of the female cast members walked the red carpet in appropriately stellar ensembles, their outfits matching the cosmic themes of the film, especially Brie Larson who wore starry earrings to match her starry gown.

Lashana Lynch, Brie Larson and Gemma Chan on the red carpet at the Captain Marvel premiere in Hollywood

Fellow MCU directors Taika Waititi, Joss Whedon, and Peyton Reed came out to support the film, along with Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, who has boasted that Captain Marvel is the strongest character that the MCU has ever seen. We still have to wait until Friday to see if this statement is true, but who are we to doubt the power of the MCU at this point in the game?

The LA premiere served as a reunion of sorts for the cast members that fans have known for years within the MCU like Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg, who will be reprising their roles as Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, respectively. Lee Pace, who will appear as Ronan for the first time since his portrayal in Guardians of the Galaxy, graced his first Marvel red carpet in over five years. A few Marvel actors from other films also attended the event, like Sean Gunn of the Guardians movies; Dominic Cooper, who originally played Howard Stark in Captain America: The First Avenger; Rhodey himself, Don Cheadle; and the Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman.

Before the movie started, Brie Larson gave a special thank you to the military service men and women who helped contribute to the film, many of whom were guests in attendance at the premiere, wearing their full military garb on the red carpet.

The cast and crew of Captain Marvel on stage at the Hollywood premiere

This also marked the first Marvel premiere without the presence of the unforgettable Stan Lee. Without revealing any spoilers, let’s just say that a special tribute was paid to the unparalleled impact that Stan has left on all Marvel films, proving his legacy is still ever-present. The moment dedicated to Stan was met with thunderous applause and cheers throughout the Dolby Theater.

The night ended with a decked-out after party at the famous Roosevelt Hotel, where the lobby was transformed into a 90’s themed party complete with Capri Sun, classic arcade games, and a Polaroid photobooth. Of course, the DJ was playing strictly 90’s hits like the Spice Girls, Britney Spears, and the Backstreet Boys.

Chadwick Boseman and Brie Larson at the Captain Marvel afterparty in Hollywood

To see some more pictures from the world premiere of Captain Marvel, click HERE.

We’re only two days away from Carol Danvers’ Marvel-ous debut in the MCU, and from there, it’s onwards and upwards to Avengers: Endgame. The stakes have never been higher, and the excitement has never been more apparent!

Captain Marvel flies into theaters on March 8, 2019.