It’s time for some Loki concept art, and this unused idea from Marvel’s Thor: Ragnarok may remind fans of a certain DC superhero…

Check out this piece artist Aleski Briclot shared on his Instagram account last July:

In his caption, he wrote:

“While waiting for the Loki tv show with the awesome @twhiddleston here are some more Loki concept arts done for Thor : Ragnarok. On this one the shoulder was maybe too Close to another super hero living underwater. But my take was mostly focusing on a raw and believable style focusing on worn fabrics, leather, fur…for creating a sense of history. Better with or without the helmet?”

This version keeps the familiar green tones of Loki’s usual look, as well as the shape. That “another super hero living underwater” comment refers to Aquaman, as he sports scales that appear similar to the ones on the character’s shoulder here, which could be one reason for not using this design. Furthermore, the fur accent makes this outfit look more intrepid than fits for the character or Ragnarok, as Loki and Thor join forces for good in this tale.    

Briclot’s post came only days after SDCC 2019. At the convention last summer, Marvel’s head honcho Kevin Feige and Tom Hiddleston took the stage to promote the upcoming Disney+ series Loki, while, in typical Marvel tradition, keeping as tight-lipped as possible. Between Feige teasing that the show would reveal where Loki went and Hiddleston telling fans that the series is “one of the most exciting creative opportunities I’ve ever come upon,” anticipation for the show was understandably at an all-time high.

Loki was originally set to premiere on Disney+ next spring, but with production delayed, that debut may be pushed back. It’s been rumored that the show (as well as other Marvel Disney+ series) will be back filming this summer, but that’s yet to be confirmed. Hopefully, fans will have more positive Loki news soon!