As Marvel fans surely remember, many beloved characters died during the last two Avengers movies. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean we won’t see them in action again. While we believe the door has been closed on some characters (like Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man), others we will definitely see again. Case in point: Black Widow.

After several delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Natasha Romanoff’s first solo flick hits theaters (and Disney+) on July 9. One way we know that date won’t be changing? The press circuit has officially begun! In a recent press conference over Zoom, the cast and creatives discussed the film’s tone, new characters, and more.

Scarlett Johansson dressed in a black superhero suit in front of a white and red background

Black Widow takes place between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War. Traveling back in time is nothing new for Marvel, but most of the solo films to date have been sequels. So, does Black Widow’s prequel mean we may see more of these types of stories down the line? Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige commented: “Certainly this film and this story is a particular case for Natasha. But the notion of exploring the past, present, and future of the MCU is certainly in the cards for all of our characters.”

Of course, this type of film wouldn’t work for just anyone. First, it would have to make sense for the hero’s character and journey. Second, there has to be enough interest for a standalone flick. In this case, Feige mentioned that fans wanted to know more about Natasha due to Scarlett Johansson’s brilliant performances and the nuggets about her past we glean from other Marvel movies.  Exploring large parts of the character’s life that fans didn’t know much about “was incredibly ripe to discover more about her past, more about her present, and give a hint at the legacy in the future,” Feige remarked.

This opens many doors, and we can’t wait to see how Marvel will explore some character’s stories moving forward!