Remember that concept art showing Doctor Strange in Iron Man’s suit? (If you don’t, you can find it HERE.) And remember when Kevin Smith said he saw an actual photo of this scene that the Avengers: Infinity War writers shared with him? (To jog your memory, that’s HERE.)

Well, it seems it’s all true!

Several days ago, Infinity War scribes Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely took part in’s Quarantine Watch Party, in which they watched Infinity War along with countless fans, answered questions, and shared some behind the scenes photos and stories.   

One image might have looked, well, a little familiar to fans. And that’s because it featured a costume swap that has been bandied about online recently – in concept art form – courtesy Marvel Studios artist Phil Saunders.  Check it out, along with McFeely’s commentary, below:

The rescue McFeely refers to pertains to the Sorcerer Supreme’s liberation from Ebony Maw’s ship, where he was taken in an effort to extract the Time Stone. Luckily, Iron Man (and unknowingly, Spider-Man) secretly boarded the ship, allowing them to eventually free Doctor Strange.

So, it’s been confirmed that one of the alternate versions of this scene, which was obviously developed enough to be shot, features Doctor Strange wearing an Iron Man suit. What else did this specific mission entail? And why the costume switch? Fans would obviously love to know. And with McFeely seemingly referring to it as “too awesome (and long) to keep,” that only ups the intrigue! Hopefully, we’ll get to see this deleted sequence at some point. As McFeely said, “one can dream…”