If there’s one thing comicbook fans love, it’s mashups. What would happen if Captain America wielded Mjolnir? How would Thor deal with becoming the herald of Galactus? And the most popular at the moment, how would every Marvel character react to bonding with the Venom symbiote? Well, it seems the writers and filmmakers behind Marvel Studios’ final two Avengers films were having a lot of fun dreaming up hero-item combinations because many of their unused ideas have been revealed following the films’ releases. Case in point: Artist Phil Saunders recently posted some concept art he did for Avengers: Infinity War showcasing a sequence with Doctor Strange wearing the Iron Man armor.

The image shared shows Stephen Strange encased in Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit while engaged in battle with Ebony Maw aboard one of Thanos’ spacecrafts. This differs heavily from the sequence in the final film where Spider-Man simply suggests blowing a hole in the ship to suck Maw out – an idea inspired by the movie Alien. Luckily, Spidey’s suggestion works and Strange is saved, but we have to admit it would have been cool to see the Sorcerer Supreme don Iron Man’s suit, complete with the Eye of Agamotto replacing the arc reactor in the chest plate. Check out the piece below:

“A keyframe of the Mk50 Iron Man suit forming over Dr. Strange, protecting him from Ebony Maw’s magic needle torture,” Saunders wrote in his post. Here’s another image from the designer’s account:

Oh, to think of what could have been! While it is exciting to see these alternate pieces of concept art, with a movie as packed with plot as Infinity War, it’s easy to understand why certain scenes and concepts were cut from the film. Maybe we can look forward to Doctor Strange trying on one of Iron Man’s high-tech suits in a future MCU movie down the line?