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The Women Of Wakanda Shine In Concept Art & New ‘Black Panther’ Featurette

Ryan Coogler, the director behind Black Panther, went on to speak about the importance of women culturally in the film, Wakanda, and the real continent of Africa in a way that sheds light on why they took some of the characters in the direction that they did . . .




“When you look at African culture, you’ll often see gender roles that are different from the norm. You’ll find issues with gender dynamics in African culture in the same way you do in other cultures, but you’ll also find things that are different. Strong women and women’s influence on culture and society is something that cannot be overlooked. That was something that we really wanted to include in the movie, although it’s something that was present in the Black Panther comics as well,” Coogler said.


You can now get your digital copy of Black Panther, but you’ll have to wait until May 15th before it comes out on Blu-ray and DVD. With the home release is a promised featurette that will highlight the influential women of Wakanda and other things you may not have known about the movie. Excerpts from the featurette can be found below.


Check out this clip highlighting the Female Warriors in Black Panther!


Dive into the female leadership shown in Wakanda in this next clip!



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