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Letter Perfect: It’s The A-Z Geek Alphabet

That Poor Teddy

This line was actually never uttered by Dr.Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of the Lambs.

Red Shirt Alert

This classic video by Comedy4Cast will hilariously explain the irony. Enjoy!

Don’t Call Him Junior!

Here is Indiana Jones…and the boy that named himself after his four-legged friend.

Baby Klingon WarCry

Translated to English from Klingon: “Today is a good day to whine!!!”

The Gill-Man Had To Go

What would be needed to make the water in the tiny pool black?

Stan The Man

Here is the comicbook luminary echoing his famous catchphrase.

Watch Out Nedry!

There’s a cute yet vicious dilophosaurus behind you! It’s hungry for nerds!

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