The Biggest Marvel Wedding Moment Happens In ‘X-Men Gold’ #30

In a room full of all their friends and family, and surrounded by marriage favors materials from Colossus and Kitty’s wedding, there really couldn’t be a better place for them to get hitched. So the only thing holding them back would be a “no” from Rogue and that couldn’t happen twice in the same night… could it?




Of course not! The way that these two love each other is insane and has surely stood the test of time throughout the comicbooks, even though they have had their fair share of ups and downs (emphasis on “downs”).




But now is the time for the mutant couple to celebrate the love that they have in their hearts at the moment, and X-Men Gold #30 really capitalizes on making the best of circumstances and appreciating the people that love and support you the most.




After getting married, the two lovebirds can be found in their own comicbook series appropriately entitled Mr. and Mrs. X, hitting stores in July. So stay tuned for more on the newlyweds, Gambit and Rogue!


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