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‘Spider-Man’ PS4 Game Has Many Marvel Easter Eggs That Were Revealed At E3

There is also an ad for Oscorp, which fans know is run by Norman Osborn. His son, Harry Osborn has already been confirmed to appear in the game, but not Green Goblin, as of yet.




Another Spider-Man character that is hinted at is Black Cat. In an article written by Betty Brant (Peter Parker’s first comicbook love interest), a series of burglaries have plagued the wealthiest families in the city and the culprits have simply left a black cat figurine as a calling card. Felicia Hardy, AKA Black Cat, has been confirmed to appear in the game, but her part to play is still unknown.




The rest of the Daily Bugle alludes to other characters within the Spider-Man universe (that are all in the game, as well) like Miles Morales, Wilson Fisk, and even our hero Peter Parker himself. You can see the rest of the Daily Bugle screenshots HERE.




So what do these Easter eggs mean? Are these hints at who else will appear in the game? In connected games to come? All of this could simply be the creators of the game letting fans know that the greater Marvel universe is in their minds for the future. The pre-ordering of the game allows players to use the Iron Spider suit that was famously worn by Peter Parker in Infinity War, so clearly, the makers of the game are not opposed to connecting the two worlds at some point down the line.


In the meantime, Marvel’s Spider-Man comes to PS4 on September 7, 2018! SHARE the news on Facebook!