The year in film is almost over so naturally media outlets are shaping up their “2018 in Review” issues. It is hard to imagine, regardless of genre bias or type of publication, that any 2018 movie list would be complete without a mention of the year’s biggest and boldest film event, Avengers: Infinity War.

With this in mind, Empire magazine, which pays tribute to many genres and areas of entertainment, has revealed its subscriber-created cover for December 2018. The design emphasizes the fateful theme of Infinity War and how iconic the movie and its moments were—and continue to be.

The cover, conceived by Empire reader and graphic designer Jacey, is only available to Empire subscribers as a special collector’s edition. For those of you who aren’t subscribers, you’ll be happy to know that the cover available in stores still features the gang from Infinity War; in fact, it includes more characters.

The regular cover image for the magazine’s Year in Review edition still displays the Infinity Gauntlet, only this time it is in the hand of Thanos. Underneath that, though, is a handful of our favorite Avengers, some living and some… not quite. Check it out below:

The issue also features a list of the best films of the year, and unsurprisingly, it also includes an entry about Black Panther, so rest assured the whole magazine is worth a look, if not only for another Infinity War poster-type knickknack to collect.

You can get both Infinity War covers of Empire magazine by subscription or in stores this month.