Sony’s ‘Kraven the Hunter’ Film Looks To Add Spider-Man And A Familiar Director

One of the most interesting parts of Sony’s planned build of this universe is that they’re using villains. Do they continue to run the anti-hero route as they did with Venom or do we start to see a different approach? If Wenk and company do take the route of the villain as the lead, having a great director is going to be crucial to be able to pull it off correctly. Luckily for Wenk, he’s got friends in high places…




During the Discussing Film podcast, they asked Wenk if he’d consider bringing his longtime collaborator Antoine Fuqua on to direct. Fuqua has directed multiple films Wenk has written on, including The Equalizer, The Equalizer 2, and The Magnificent Seven. This could be another collaboration in waiting for the pair, and maybe that brings Denzel Washington on in some fashion… One could only hope!




After being asked about Fuqua, Wenk had this to say:

“That’s an unequivocal yes. Antoine is not just a great filmmaker and one of the top filmmakers in the business, but he’s also a friend of mine and we work very well together. So, I’ve got his ear and he’ll decide based on the script. But yes, I think I can speak for myself and Sony that that would a coup to have Antoine step on board Kraven.”




Kraven the Hunter is still in pre-production. As more information becomes available, we’ll bring it to you!


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