For a while last year, Spidey was swinging between Sony and Marvel – and based on the mass reaction from fans, they were not happy about it.

Now we’ve heard the news that Peter Parker’s on the move yet again – but don’t worry, it has to do with the upcoming third Spider-Man sequel! No bad news here!

Last year’s Spider-Man: Far From Home took Peter on a European tour… but as fans know, the events of that movie didn’t bode too well for the wall crawler.

Many assume that he’ll have to lay low on his next outing and may even be forced to go on the run. So, where will his next adventures take him? After hopping around the likes of Venice, Prague, and London in Far From Home, you’d think he’d stay off the continent – and away from big cities, right?

Well, not exactly. Though no details about the plot have been disclosed – and thus, we don’t know if the movie will actually take place in all of the filming locations – it has been revealed that Tom Holland’s third standalone Spider-Man flick will film in Atlanta (where many Marvel productions are at least partially produced), New York, Los Angeles, and Iceland. It may be harder for the web head to hide in America’s two largest cities, but Iceland (which straddles the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, for those interested) is definitely more spacious – and the country boasts a myriad of different landscapes, which would give the filmmakers loads of options, environment-wise. Perhaps the top brass at Marvel found that out when they traveled to the European country for the filming of Thor: The Dark World several years ago.

It’s also been revealed that the third Spidey flick is set to enter production from July-November. In that case, they may want to hit Iceland first, because in July the country enjoys on average of 20 hours of daylight, whereas in November they only get about 5-6 hours of light a day! Nonetheless, fans are still in the dark about Spidey’s next move; hopefully, we won’t have to wait until July 2021 to find out!