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Six Actors Left Unrecognizable After Their ‘Super’ Makeup Jobs!

Jack Nicholson As The Joker In Batman (1989)


By 1989, Jack Nicholson was already a highly regarded actor known for his versatility and skill. After taking a life cast of the actor, makeup designer Nick Dudman sculpted 5 different looks for The Joker, ranging from innocuous to absolutely terrifying. Nicholson had final say over the design, and to Dudman’s delight, the star chose the look he hoped he would. Fortunately for both actor and artist, the process of applying the makeup wasn’t particularly demanding, from what Dudman recalled:


“The process usually took 2 hours. There were no issues really. It was glued on with 355 silicone adhesive so no gum allergies would arise. The hardest thing was arriving at a ‘white’ that worked on a dark set next to a guy dressed in black rubber. That took some testing. In the end, we heavily shaded it with a metallic gunmetal.”