‘Punisher’ Season 2: The Slavers Storyline Hinted In Punisher Netflix Series’s Character Breakdowns

There have been several characters revealed to be part of season 2’s production and their involvement points to Garth Ennis’s “The Slavers” storyline from The Punisher comicbooks being implemented in some way. Arguably, this arc is one of the most disturbing in the history of The Punisher’s publication.



The characters that are looking to be cast in the upcoming second season of The Punisher are Annie Beir, Kim Davis, and Melvin Skelling. Whoever would play 16-year old Annie would have to exhibit a street-wise intellect. Beir would play the parallel to Viorica from the comicbooks, whose life was saved by Frank Castle.


As a result, she led him to discover the sex slavery ring headed by Vera Konstantin and Cristu Bulat. Kim Davis would become a series regular, emulating the Jen Cooke aspect of the storyline, working as a therapist and aiding Annie in taking down the slavers.


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It is also possible that a casting call has been issued for Detective Martin Soap, under the name Melvin Skelling. Whoever plays Skelling will most likely become a series regular since Soap has appeared in many issues of The Punisher comicbooks, making his debut in the Welcome Back, Frank arc as well as in Punisher: Warzone arc.


As more news of The Punisher season 2 comes to light, we will be sure to update these speculations!

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