New ‘Spider-Man’ PS4 Game Gets A Rad ’60s Retro Makeover For The Trailer

According to Game Reactor, Insomniac’s Chief Brand Officer Ryan Schneider had this to say about showing up with their shining product at E3 this year, and what the Spider-Man video game means to them:

“What we’ve been trying to do is raise the bar every E3 we’ve been at, and any time we are public with any asset, with any story we wanna tell, we realise that we need to outdo ourselves from the time before and that, not to get too corny, but we understand the great responsibility we have to deliver a truly remarkable Spider-Man experience.”




Schneider continued:

“It’s certainly a passion play for us. It’s our first game at Insomniac that is not our own IP, but we all grew up being Spider-Man fans, whether it was eating cereal in the mornings watching the cartoons or reading the comics, watching the films, playing the games – Spider-Man is a part of all of us, and I think he’s such a remarkable superhero because of how well people can relate and identify with being both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, so just to have the opportunity to bring that character and world to life in our own way is beyond special.”




In any case, be on the lookout for more Spider-Man content as we get closer to the official release date this fall.


Check out this awesome retro fan-made trailer for the video game below!


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