New Ragnarok Deleted Scene Features Thor, Bruce Banner, And A Grandmaster Tentacle Party?

When creating a lighter dialogue scene, Waititi’s best decision as director was sometimes letting the actors create their own lines. When asked about improvisation, Waititi explained the process saying:

“Here is the scene and we need this information and this line and this plot point and how you get between them is really up to you. But you can’t just ad-lib for the sake of it. It’s gotta be in pursuit of creating an energy that feels more alive and less staged. The problems with most movies is that you know people are just waiting to say their lines. This one, you see Chris and Mark [Ruffalo] talking at each other, they are actually listening to each other and you can see them enjoying the conversation.”


In several behind the scenes looks at the filming process, it is clear that plenty of laughs were had on set, cameras rolling or not. The environment on set starts with the director, and this one did not shy away from having fun. Check out the deleted scene below:


This scene and plenty of other deleted scenes and features will all be available to own when Thor: Ragnarok is available on all home media on March 6, 2018.


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