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New ‘Infinity War’ Merchandise Gives One Of The Best Looks At The Black Order So Far

Ebony Maw



While the last two members bring strength to the table, Ebony Maw brings intelligence and strategy to the fold. In the comics, he also has the abilities of teleportation and supernatural persuasion, which he used on Doctor Strange to help find the Stones.


Proxima Midnight



Proxima Midnight, which you can see by her stance above, is the warrior of the group. Her staff/spear was hand-forged by Thanos himself and has been known to be strong enough to kill the Hulk in one single blow. She is also known to be Thano’s most loyal soldier.


The Outriders



While these beings aren’t members of the Black Order, they are Thanos’ genetically engineered warriors. It looks like we’re going to be seeing a lot of these savage creatures on the front lines of the battle for Wakanda.


Everything that we currently know about the Black Order comes directly from the pages of the comics in Jonathan Hickman’s New Avengers run before spinning off into the crossover event Infinity. How much this has influenced their portrayal in the film is still to be seen, but you can see them all in action when Avengers: Infinity War hits theaters on April 27th.


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