New ‘Ant-Man And The Wasp’ Comicbook To Release Just Before The Movie!

At first, we are introduced to a Scott Lang who’s hanging out on the other side of the universe with a Nova Corp member. He’s found a way to contact the Wasp in hopes that she can help him get back home so that he can make his daughter’s birthday in time. Scott is even trying to ditch the Guardians of the Galaxy, which is pretty funny, as well.




Nadia is very visibly fed up with Scott and really doesn’t want to help. But she does have a bit of a soft spot in her heart for his role as a parent though and ends up agreeing to help him out, more for the sake of his daughter.




Nadia then proceeds to explain the procedure and how she can help to get him back to Earth, but there are some risks. Comedically, Ant-Man is seen hunched over, paying half attention while chowing down on some strange space sandwich.




It’s all supposed to come down to completely synchronized timing, and of course, something goes wrong which shows that the duo has a lot more to work on in order to become a more effective team. But in the meanwhile, their missteps make for a funny and interesting story which is worth the read!


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