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Marvel’s ‘Thanos’ No. 14 Reveals Mad Titan’s Origin And Birth Name

Thanos’ victory wasn’t even attributed to the use of a single infinity stone. Future Thanos built a temple in his honor, made of the bones of celestials, in an attempt to live out his life in quiet dominion.


Naturally, young Thanos grew impatient with his older self, reeling from the humiliation of being dragged through the timestream. However, King Thanos makes a plea to his younger self, asking him a sincere “Please,” which came as a surprise to his youthful counterpart.


The king offered young Thanos the name of their mother before she was driven into madness: Sui-San. Not only that but the name of the Mad Titan himself before his galactic heel turn: Dionne.


With those revelations out of the way, King Thanos enlists the assistance of his younger self, asking for help in finding Death. Unfortunately, Thanos had rejected Lady Death since she had played head games with his son Thane in an attempt to entice his father back to her. What could be King Thanos’s reasoning for seeking the council of his past lover? Fans will have to wait and speculate until the release of Thanos #15.

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