Marvel-Opoly: ‘Deadpool’ Themed Edition Of Monopoly Board Game

The classic designs of Monopoly’s tiny metal tokens have been revamped into figures such as a Unicorn, Chef’s Toque, Taco, Bomb, Deadpool Logo, and hand giving the “OK” gesture.


Unfortunately, there are no chimichangas to be seen, but maybe they’re lodged somewhere in the Community Chest or Chance cards, now dubbed the Pouches and Dumb Luck cards respectively. Photos of the game are below…

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Railroads have been replaced with “Sweet Rides,” and Dogpool makes an appearance as well. “Get out of jail free” cards have been re-written in typical Deadpool fashion as, “You had way too much fun in jail, and they kicked you out,” cards. Deadpool’s demented humor is sure to liven up any family game night, particularly the ones where the Monopoly game lasts well into the wee morning hours.


Monopoly Game: Marvel Deadpool Edition is now available for purchase on Amazon for $19.99!

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