Marvel Is Changing The Game With Their Old School Take On Avengers

According to Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, Marvel Legacy is the “very best jumping on point in the history of comics” for new readers but it will still resonate with those who already are fans of The Avengers franchise.

“What Jason and Esad have crafted is more grand and more gargantuan than anything we have ever seen before and introduces concepts and characters the Marvel Universe has never encountered. Fans are going to witness an all-new look at the Marvel Universe starting at one of the earliest moments in time carried all the way into present day. Not only will this be the catalyst for Marvel evolving and moving forward, but expect it to be the spark that will ignite the industry as a whole.”

Marvel Comics has actually explored the concept of an old Avengers team before in Avengers 1959. It was a miniseries about a team of heroes assembled by Nick Fury.


Despite a concept that is somewhat similar, Marvel Legacy will take this to another level with the opportunities now endless to present great storytelling which could possibly change the future of Marvel.

Furthermore, heading back into ancient times offers the ability to spotlight more characters, and bring ones like Ulysses Bloodstone, Zeus, or the Eternals into the fold.

Here’s Another Example Of Marvel Changing The Game:

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