We are only a few weeks out from the MCU’s next installment – after what feels like an eternity of silence! Captain Marvel will finally be introduced, and although we’ve seen a good bit of footage from the trailers, there’s still a lot to be revealed in the film about Carol Danvers and her origin, her powers, and her ability to fix the universe with the remaining Avengers. To prepare for her upcoming debut, here are a handful of powers that may or may not be included in the film. They’re present in the comicbooks, but not-yet-confirmed as being in the movie. Let’s see which of them, if any, will appear on screen next month when Captain Marvel hits theaters.

Generation of Heat, Light, and Radiation

Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics holding fire

Besides being able to shoot photon blasts, in the comicbooks Danvers is able to summon the heat of a star and the light of a white hole. The “Binary” powers that are bestowed upon her as she takes up the mantle of Captain Marvel not only allow her to absorb and control these types of cosmic energy, but they permit her to generate these same forces, and she essentially becomes a living star. There has been speculation that a quick shot of Danvers in the trailer shows her using these binary powers, but the full extent of this remains to be seen.

Precognition and Clairvoyance

Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics surrounded by lightning

Thanks to her alien Kree enhancements, Danvers has senses heightened far beyond that of regular humans. This translates into the power of “cosmic awareness,” or precognition. This means that Danvers has a type of psychic ability that makes her similar to Spider-Man with his Spidey senses. Before the battle goes down, Danvers can tell when danger is imminent, and sometimes even what kind of opponent she will be facing. While this power isn’t confirmed in the film yet, it sure would come in handy in a fight.

Resistant to Poison and Disease

Captain Marvel from Marvel Comics flying

We have seen from the trailer that Danvers is noticeably more physically strong and durable than your average human. This is thanks to her Kree upbringing and a universal antidote that both Danvers and Mar-Vell possess in their blood. What may not be so noticeable is that the powers extend to her internal health, as well. In addition to being almost impervious to attacks, Danvers is also extraordinarily resistant to both poison and sickness. Although the comics sometimes do in fact show her being affected by certain diseases and ailments, what normally plagues humankind does nothing to a human/Kree hybrid like Captain Marvel.


Actress Brie Larson as Captain Marvel on a movie poster

This particular power, though unconfirmed, could explain how Captain Marvel is virtually ageless, and how she was able to survive the effects of Thanos’ fatal finger snap. Thanks to her energy manipulation abilities, it is almost impossible to end her life or permanently hurt her. Because of this ability, she is able to regenerate herself as needed, making it sort of a Wolverine-like speedy healing ability. Since there are no mutants in the MCU, it’s no wonder why Captain Marvel is hailed as one of the most powerful beings we’ve seen so far. That is, if this power ends up being in the film.


Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in a green suit.

It is said that Danvers inherited all powers that her mentor, Mar-Vell, possessed. Accepting this logic, there’s a high possibility that Captain Marvel inherited them, too. The use of teleportation was always a strain for Mar-Vell, so this remains a little bit of a grey area in Captain Marvel’s power arsenal. If it ever does manifest, we’d definitely buy into it. It would be a great addition in a battle, that’s for sure.