Did The Russo Brothers Reveal Chris Evan’s ‘New Identity’ In Infinity War?

The mantle of Nomad has been passed back and forth between many different characters in the comicbooks, so it would make sense for Steve Rogers would take it on after leaving his shield and identity as Captain America behind. Now, it looks like the Russo brothers have put a little steam behind the Nomad theory, all but confirming it.



Nomad came into being after Steve Rogers became disillusioned with American government as well as most of his comrades after the events of Civil War. Without a country to trust or call home, and no real comrades to speak of, he became a nomadic wanderer fighting for a new purpose after dedicating so many years to something he really believed in.


But if you know anything about Marvel, you know that at any moment writers can redirect a story and pass a mantle long held by a certain character to a new one to drive a narrative in a new direction. Just look at Wolverine, for instance. After Logan’s death, the mantle was passed to X-23, and then in All New Wolverine #33 was passed to Gabby Kinney AKA Honey Badger in the not too distant future.



There have also been multiple people to be “Captain America,” including Sam Wilson, AKA Falcon, and The Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes. In fact, the Russo bros took to their Twitter page and showed a picture of Bucky holding Cap’s shield. Maybe along the way, he will become the new Captain America, although it was rumored that he would be the White Wolf in Infinity War. Only time will tell exactly how things will pan out, but you won’t want to miss out on Avengers: Infinity War when it hits theaters on April 27th!


Check out this cool TV spot for Infinity War in the video below!



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