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Looking Back At Some Of The Most Classic Shields Wielded By Captain America!

Mutant-Hunter Shield



During the Age of X storyline and due to the death of 600,000 people at the hands of Jean Grey, who didn’t have Professor X’s guidance in controlling The Phoenix, Mutants are labeled terrorists and hunted by the United States government.


This is Earth-11326, the Avengers are assembled to hunt mutants, and they’re led by Cap with this shield which is able to be thrown like the disc shield, It also has a layer of blue energy on the outer edges which allows it to also act as an energy shield!


The Revengers Shield



This is not The Revengers in the sense of Thor: Ragnarok, instead this is Earth-10011 in a universe known as the Cancerverse. Captain Marvel has defeated death with an ancient ritual and now a group of Gods, known as the Many-Angled Ones, has taken over and corrupted everyone and everything.


Instead of the Avengers, the corrupted crew is known as the Revengers and led by a dark Steve Rogers.Now you see a pentagram in place of his iconic stars, and he leads the team with darkness in his heart.


The Hydra Shield



While very similar to his earliest shield, the Hydra shield is different as its adorned with the same energy that makes up his energy shield. This version of Steve Rogers saw him on the bad side after history was rewritten by a sentient cosmic cube named Kobik who had been befriended by the Red Skull. During this period, Sam Wilson would pick up the mantle of Captain America and Steve would be fighting, as he always had, on the side of Hydra. This storyline has been completed and this shield is no longer in action.


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