Avengers: Endgame is the gift that keeps on giving. The epic MCU movie arrived in theaters nearly a year ago but continues to dominate the online movie conversation. Day after day, alternate storylines, unused concept art, and deleted scenes make their way onto the internet for fans to analyze, discuss, and wonder what might have been. Case in point, a recent group of set photos have cropped up on the web showing Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel on the alien planet of Vormir. Fans will remember that desolate planet as the hidden location of the Soul Stone and its guardian, the Red Skull. Fans will also recall that there is no scene in the final film where Captain Marvel travels to the far away sphere. So, what gives? Was this a deleted scene from the blockbuster bonanza? Brie Larson herself took to Instagram to set the record straight on the mysterious set photos.

Putting together the filming schedule for movies as large as Avengers: Endgame is a massive undertaking. Dozens of bona fide movie stars are featured in the flick, and their time is very valuable. One awkward scheduling scenario that couldn’t be helped during the creation of these unprecedented blockbusters was that Avengers: Endgame was filmed BEFORE Captain Marvel. But as most people know, the Captain Marvel movie was released to the public first, followed by Endgame.

Brie Larson recently explained the process on her personal Instagram account, posting the pictures of herself on the Vormir set in costume. In the post, the Academy Award-winning actress said, “Photos from my first camera test in full costume. We were still figuring out what her signature moves would be, and I was still learning how to move in a leather wetsuit 😜 Good times.”


Larson’s words indicate that the crew was shooting camera and costume tests while on the set of the Avengers movie. This explanation makes a lot of sense; if you’ve got the epic cosmic sets, why not use them? Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame were such massive undertakings that Marvel and the Russo Brothers opted to shoot the movies back-to-back. This intense shooting schedule most likely led to Larson filming her Endgame scenes before Captain Marvel had even been introduced to the MCU in her own film.

While it is slightly disappointing to know that there was never a chance we were going to see Captain Marvel fight the Red Skull on Vormir, even in a deleted scene, it’s once again exciting to see the behind-the-scenes process that Marvel Studios actors and crew go through to get the movies made.  While Captain Marvel 2 has been announced and is being written by WandaVision staff writer Megan McDonnell, no release date or director has been revealed as of yet. It looks like these past set photos are going to have to keep us satisfied until more concrete cosmic news hits the airwaves.