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10 Years Later: Kevin Feige’s Promise Comes To Fruition In ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Feige gave another question to the moviegoing audience at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, How will Aunt May’s reaction differ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Will her discovery of Peter’s superhero identity be a conflict throughout the film or will it create a stronger emotional bond right from the start?


Feige’s quote on the back of the “One More Day” trade paperback echoes his admiration for the storyline and his wish to implement it into the Marvel Studios adaptation in the future.


“My favorite J.M.S. Spidey moment also happens to be my favorite Spidey moment period: Aunt May discovers Peter’s secret. It has become my mission to put that moment on the big screen. Someday we will. I promise,” Feige wrote.




The ending of Spider-Man: Homecoming shows a satisfied Peter Parker standing partially suited in his room, not noticing his door is ajar. Aunt May stands at the threshold and loudly voices her surprise, only to be cut off mid-phrase by the credits.

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