Though March Madness, college basketball’s national championship tournament, has been cancelled this year, we thought it would fun to present an imaginary MCU bracket that pits Marvel’s surviving heroes against one another. In some cases, it’s solo hero vs. hero battles, but in others tag teams of heroes take on an opponent. Who do you think is best in superheroic combat? The outcome will depend on YOUR votes! Be sure to check @therealstanlee Instagram stories and @realstanlee Facebook stories for your chance to vote!

We’ve narrowed down the initial 16 (or, well, 20) to 8 (actually 9). Read on for our analysis of the next four matches.

Captain Marvel vs. Black Panther

At first this battle seems to favor the cosmically powered Captain Marvel. But remember, Black Panther’s vibranium suit can absorb tremendous energies and redirect them at the wielder, so the good Captain may get a serious taste of her own medicine. If she can handle that, then maybe even the cleverest device invented by Black Panther’s sister Shuri won’t be enough to win this round for Wakanda’s king.

Thor vs. Rocket and Groot 

Another Avenging Eight round match-up that seems to have a predetermined outcome. The Mighty Thor, God of Thunder, may make splinters out of Groot and Thor’s “sweet rabbit” friend, Rocket. Rocket is small, but tricky. If there’s a way to turn the tide of the storm against the Asgardian, Rocket will find it.  A branch created by young Groot himself serves as the handle of Thor’s weapon Stormbreaker, and our tree-like alien friend might be able to turn this great weapon against its wielder.

Hawkeye vs. Spider-Man

Hawkeye is going to have to pull out his trickiest arrows to take on Spider-Man, whose spider-sense allows him to react to danger an instant before it happens. As for Spidey, will a few well-placed webs render Hawkeye’s bow, his main weapon, useless? Remember that Hawkeye is also an accomplished close combat fighter, able to compete with the likes of Black Widow and even Captain America! Should the combat come down to a toe-to-toe slugfest, Spidey’s super-strength will surely win the day, unless the uncannily accurate Hawkeye lands the knock-out blow on Spidey before he gets a chance to use that spider-strength. This Avenging Eight round bout between Spidey and Hawkeye isn’t as easy to predict as you might think.

Winter Soldier vs. Scarlet Witch

The power of the Scarlet Witch versus the skill and savvy of the Winter Soldier. This Avenging Eight round of MCU March Madness might be the hardest one to predict. The Winter Soldier has faced other powerful opponents in his decades working for Black Ops and has managed to survive so far. Having long ago mastered his fighting skills at the side of Captain America himself, there are few foes Winter Soldier cannot overcome in combat of arms or personal combat, but the Scarlet Witch presents a threat where reality itself might become the enemy. But Scarlet Witch must not underestimate her opponent, or it will be her reality that’s turned upside down. This should be a good one!