One advantage physical media like DVDs and Blu-rays always seemed to have over streaming services are special features. Most movies and television series shoot hours and hours of behind the scenes footage, interviews, featurettes, and blooper reels, some of which naturally contain deleted scenes. Usually these extras are included on the home video discs but are not often available on streaming services. Well, that’s all about to change with the advent of Disney+. Disney’s new streaming giant has decided to incorporate never-before-seen bonus features with many of their titles, including Marvel’s recent blockbuster Avengers: Endgame.

Many were surprised to find out when they first logged into their Disney+ accounts last week that many of the Marvel movies not only contained special features, but never-before-released extras, to boot! Avengers: Endgame in particular contained totally new deleted scenes for fans to pore over and imagine what could have been. The deleted scenes for the Marvel extravaganza that you can find on the streaming service are as follows:

Black Widow’s Death

In this very alternate version of Black Widow’s self-sacrificing death scene on the planet of Vormir, Thanos and his army attack! Hawkeye and Black Widow are pinned down when the Widow makes a run for the ledge in an effort to save her friend. She’s shot many times as she runs but survives long enough to take out an alien before it gets to Clint. Badly injured and dying, Black Widow manages to crawl to the edge and fall off just before Thanos gets to them.

Hulk and the Ancient One

In this newly revealed deleted scene, instead of the Ancient One battling the Chitauri invasion of New York when she has her run-in with the Hulk, she’s lounging on the Sanctum Sanctorum’s rooftop. The Ancient One is sipping tea and enjoying the show, almost as if she’s just waiting for the Hulk to arrive. When the jade giant shows up, the Ancient One breaks the news that Stephen Strange has no knowledge of the Time Stone Bruce is after.

Hulk Meets the Ancient One

Another deleted scene from the Hulk and the Ancient One’s rooftop meeting takes a deeper dive into the rules of time travel. In this version, Bruce Banner’s astral projection is never separated from the Hulk’s body. The two discuss the potential threat of Thanos, and how it was allowed to continue to not affect the natural flow of time. They then establish the rules and discuss how to safely tackle the problem to protect both their realities. The Ancient One also says that the beings who disappeared from Thanos’ snap aren’t dead but willed out of existence.

Quantum Realm Testing

This is a short scene that delves slightly more into the creation of the Quantum Realm time travel suits. Nebula, Ant-Man, and the Hulk are working on finishing up the suits when they are joined by Tony Stark. Stark pops off on how the suits use tech from not only himself but Hank Pym and also the Guardians of the Galaxy. We also get to see an early design for the suits that were ultimately not used in the film.

In the Trench

In clearly the most expensive of the deleted scenes, all our favorite heroes come together to figure out a plan to combat Thanos and his forces amidst the chaos in the ruins of Avengers Headquarters. Giant-Man digs a trench in the battlefield for the heroes to take cover in. It’s here that they decide how to get the Infinity Stones back to the Quantum realm. This scene is also where Iron Man and Spider-Man have their heartfelt reunion, Tony has a quibble with Doctor Strange, and Ant-Man and the Wasp joke about “Cap’s” nickname.

Tony at the Way Station

In the last deleted scene, and maybe the most surprising, Tony Stark is taken to Soulworld after snapping his fingers with his makeshift Infinity Gauntlet. Just like when Thanos snapped, Tony is taken to a bleak world covered in a shallow ocean. The tent that his daughter Morgan Stark was playing in earlier in the film is the only structure around. It is here that Tony encounters a teenage version of his daughter who tells him that everything will be okay without him around, and he can die at peace. Tony then repeats the now famous line, “I love you 3000.”