‘Spider-Man’ PS4 Trailer At E3 Teases A Bunch Of Villains And Some Cliffhangers

The trailer alone has such amazing graphics that it plays like a movie. Even though we knew it would be a new and improved New York, the level of detail is beyond many fans’ expectations. The most memorable thing about the trailer has to naturally be the villains that are introduced. Right off the bat, we see Spider-Man going to fight Electro, Rhino, and Scorpion, not to mention a slew of escaped criminals that have broken out from the Raft prison facility.




Without giving too much away, let’s just say that the three villains just named are not the only ones who appear in the trailer (and therefore the upcoming game). The trailer also shows the villains mentioning an as-yet-unnamed villain who is orchestrating the attack, right before Parker presumably gets saved by a mystery character. These cliffhangers will be kept secret until the game’s release in September. Either way, this is a lot to absorb in just a seven-minute clip!


Fans have already raved about the dramatic new footage from E3, so Insomniac Community Director James Stevenson spoke about the trailer, saying the following:

“Things heat up for Spider-Man as many of the Super Villains he has put away over his eight years as Spidey have escaped simultaneously. This is a pivotal moment in the game, where the fragile peace in New York City has now been completely shattered, as Super Villains have now escaped the maximum-security facility, the RAFT, just off the coast of Manhattan…”




A few other villains had also previously been confirmed to appear in the game, so this could still be just a fraction of the Spider-Man baddies that players will be able to take on. Also, what Spider-Man game would be complete without Aunt May, Mary Jane Watson, and Harry Osborn? All those characters have been confirmed to appear, as well.


Check out the full trailer below to see the non-stop action of Marvel’s Spider-Man:



Fans who pre-order the game will gain access to Spider-Man’s Iron Spider suit, in a subtle tribute to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and his role in Infinity War, among many other perks. You can learn more about pre-ordering the game and all the freebies it comes with HERE.


Marvel’s Spider-Man swings into PS4 gaming consoles on September 7, 2018! SHARE this news on Facebook!