Nine Lesser Known Powers Ant-Man Possesses That Can Affect The Future Of The MCU

Enhanced Agility


Scott Lang is already an agile man, which comes in handy with his prior penchant for breaking into places he shouldn’t be, but with the use of the suit and the Pym Particles, his agility is further amplified, as he’s shown time and time again in the films.


Traveling Through Dimensions


This is something else we all know from the films, but Marvel Studios has yet to truly dive into what this means for the character. Sure, we know he can shrink down and enter the Quantum Realm, but in the comics, at his smallest, he’s able to enter a reality plane known as The Underspace. At his largest, he’s able to enter The Overspace, and that’s where he’s able to contact different cosmic entities. More on that below…


Ant-Man And The Cosmic Entities


In The Overspace, Ant-Man is able to converse with Cosmic Entities unknown to almost everyone else in Marvel canon. This ability makes him one of the most important figures on the Avengers team. While it doesn’t always go according to plan, his ability to speak with the entities known as Eternity and the Living Tribunal make him irreplaceable. This could have a major impact on the future of the MCU.


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