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Marvel Studios Shares New, Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Early In The MCU

Iron Man 2



There was once a time where Iron Man and Black Widow weren’t fighting side by side. This scene was the first time they met Natasha Romanoff, then telling Tony she was Natalie Rushman, as she stepped into the ring with Happy and showed off some of her patented skills. It had Tony exclaiming, “I need one.”


The Avengers



This wasn’t the first time we witnessed Loki up to his evil ways, but it may have been his most wicked. Armed with his scepter, Loki attempted to take over Earth. Instead, he brought together Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and formed The Avengers!





This behind the scenes shot shows Natalie Portman enjoying her time on set, preparing for a scene as Jane Foster. While she only starred in the first two Thor films, her beau Thor didn’t necessarily close the window on her return when in Ragnarok he joked, “She didn’t dump me, I dumped her. It was a mutual dumping.” If it was mutual, maybe there’s room to reconcile.


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