Marvel Fan From The UK Is Claiming He’s Seen Infinity War 100 Times, With Proof

The film has only been in theaters for seven weeks, which makes it difficult to think that someone could, or would see it that many times, but Harvey has proof and also explained how he pulled off this feat…

“I’ve just been going daily, multiple times, and somehow ended up at 100 after only a month and a half of it being released. I’d look at cinema times in the morning and plan my day to see which screenings I could make it to and it seems to have escalated quite far. Because it’s such a huge film, there were many screenings on, almost every screen was showing it, so that helped me view it a lot each day – if it was only on a couple of screens, there’s no way I’d be anywhere near as high a number I am now.

The most I’ve done in a day is four I believe, and I did four on opening day; the midnight premiere, then three after college. I was surprised I managed to do it considering after the midnight premiere I was speechless and didn’t know what I’d just watched, it just felt crushing. But that soon changed in a matter of hours!”




There’s no doubt that once the story broke about the man seeing Infinity War over 45 times, there was going to be someone who claimed to have gone more, but Harvey was more than willing to show off proof.



So, not that we can’t guess what he thinks of the movie, but he made sure to give his critique…

“I think the film is just incredible, everything I wanted and so much more – the Russo brothers did an absolutely fantastic job.

I knew they would, because two of my favorite Marvel films, (Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Civil War) were directed by the duo, and now Infinity War confirms they’re incredible filmmakers.

They weren’t afraid to take chances, and this is in part thanks to the phenomenal writers, Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who’ve all collaboratively crafted a legendary film, one that will go down in history as one of the best Marvel films of all time, possibly the best superhero movie of all time, as well!”




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