Marvel Chief Kevin Feige Makes Huge Announcement On New MCU Hero Addition

The fact of the matter is, Carol isn’t the only hero to have claimed the title of Captain Marvel before or after taking the helm, and her action and choices in the original source material even helped to inspire up and coming heroes to follow suit. Case point, Kamala Khan AKA Ms. Marvel!




Kevin Feige announced in an interview, which was recorded and released via Twitter, that the studio has plans to bring Ms. Marvel into the fold, which is amazing on many fronts. Kamala Khan will help to represent not only women but Muslim-Americans who haven’t had a relatable hero shown on screen yet. This adds to the whole inclusivity and diversity vibe that Marvel has done exceptionally well at displaying, and you can count on that concept only expanding from here.




See what Kevin Feige had to say in the video clip below . . .



What do you think about Kamala Khan entering the MCU? Sure the studio may have to take some creative liberties with her origin story considering the Terrigen Mist, Inhumans, Mutants, etc, but it could be pretty cool.


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