James Gunn Shares His Thoughts On Spoilers And Why They Don’t Actually Matter

As a storyteller and filmmaker, Gunn has some experience in the art, so his words hold weight. As is normal with the outspoken director, he took to Twitter and let off this hot-take last week in regards to spoilers:

“If a movie can be ruined by spoilers, it’s not a good movie. I’m opposed to spoiling things for folks, but studies show knowing spoilers only very slightly affects the viewer’s pleasure, if at all (and sometimes increases the pleasure of a well-crafted film).”




Because Twitter is Twitter, Gunn’s tweet was immediately replied to discrediting his point, but the director didn’t back down after @nursesantos sent him this…



Mr. Gunn continually backs up the things he says, and we appreciate him for his candid opinions. While we may not agree with everything he says, we do appreciate someone in his position being so open. Plus, he’s made some incredible films. So, Mr. Gunn, cheers! Please, never change.


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